Our United Planet is proud to be working in collaboration with the Zulu Kingdom and the Bayede Heritage Trust.

King Goodwill Zwelithini has been a staunch advocate and campaigner for many social issues such as education, women’s rights, conservation of the land, animal rights, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases as well as the preservation of traditions and values that keep the Zulu culture alive and thriving.

King Zwelithini has revived traditional practices such as the Umhlanga, the vibrant and highly symbolic Reed Dance Festival which promotes moral awareness and AIDS education among Zulu women.

“Ukweshwama” is another tradition that His Majesty has revitalized which connects to young men, promoting HIV awareness during the celebrations of the First Fruit Ceremony.

Our United Planet is grateful that King Zwelithini is a pioneer of change for the betterment of the land and the people. Through initiatives such as promoting and normalising the use of faux leopard skins to stop the hunting of leopards in the wild so that future generations may yet enjoy these culturally significant, beautiful creatures; King Zwelithini understands the fine balance of preserving traditions and respecting the world we live in.

King Zwelithini’s encouragement to practice male circumcision has been recognised by the World Health Organization one of the interventions to prevent new sexually transmitted infections.

Zululand is based the KwaZulu Natal (KZN) region of South Africa. Beautiful, happy people are welcoming everywhere you go giving you a smile and a wave. Brimming with wildlife, you don’t have to go to a nature reserve or game park to witness the thriving animal life with kudu in the grass and monkeys in the trees. However, there is still much work to do, with HIV/AIDS spreading at an alarming rate in South Africa it not only shortens the life expectancy of those who are afflicted with the disease but can be devastating to their families. With many children orphaned and not receiving the stable upbringing most of us take for granted it is a challenging time for all affected.


King Goodwill Zwelithini having descended from a long line of strong Royal leaders, including King Shaka Zulu, has striven to set an example of embracing and strengthening cultural heritage promoting traditional ceremonies and practices.


The Zulu Kingdom is bound in their proud traditions, folklore, singing and dancing that survive and thrive. Young boys and girls still learn the Ingoma dance, one of the purest remains of Zulu tradition; a dance once a battle-cry, with high leg kicks and drums, and is still performed at weddings and coming-of-age ceremonies.


Inspiring the youth to engage in Zulu traditions encourages the spirit of the Zulu people to remain proud and in tact. The Zulu people understand that political movements and promises may be temporary but the Love of their King for His People never dies!

We are beyond delighted to be recognising His Royal Highness for his humanitarian endeavours

The University of Zululand Vice-Chancellor, Prof X Mtose

With your donations we can continue supporting educational programmes and spreading the message of traditional values of abstinence before marriage; Our United Planet in Partnership with King Goodwill Zwelithini hope to make a significant difference to the lives of so many innocent children, be part of the change and help us now to make a real difference in peoples lives!