Hope for the Homeless


Give Children a Chance, Feeding the Homeless

About four of each five malnourished children live in South East-Asia and it is now recognized that nearly 83 percent of child deaths are attributable to mild to moderate malnutrition.

UNICEF Malnutrition in South ASIA

Our United Planet in Manila, Philippines through this pilot project has attempted to reach those most vulnerable in society. Those volunteering to participate return saying the reward of helping those less fortunate is appreciating every day how lucky they are and that giving up going to the cinema or having a meal out has never felt so good!


It is the society’s responsibility to ensure an adequate healthcare and nutritional soundness to all the rural and urban children as well as population irrespective of cast, creed, income, gender and religion.

Science Journal of Public Health 2016

All people deserve the basic human right to shelter, to eat, to survive. Life is unpredictable and through challenges like job cuts, sickness or death of a partner it’s easy to also lose your home- turning a tragedy into a crisis.

In many countries there is no guaranteed safety net for those who have lost their homes, and especially vulnerable people such as the elderly and those with children will struggle to even feed themselves.

Each year about 13 million infants and children die in developing countries and most of these deaths can be related to malnutrition.

Journal of Biosocial Science

Be part of the solution and help give people the chance to start rebuilding their hope in the future. An elderly man can have enough strength to start working again. A mother can now focus on finding a way to earn enough money and gaining accommodation knowing that her children won’t go hungry.

A small message of hope is placed with every meal reminding people that like the rest of us they are special, deserve to feel good, to have hope for the future, inspiring and reminding them that they are still human beings deserving dignity.


If you feel down and anxious it’s hard to focus on what’s positive and be hopeful for the future. When we look to help those worse off than ourselves we can start to see and feel how lucky we really are in our lives and get some quick perspective!


Working together to support those most vulnerable in society and reduce food waste is vital to building a smarter, safer and stronger future for all of us.


Starting in early 2019 we are starting to build a local team of socially aware people who believe every single person has the right to have basic needs met and have dignity in their lives no matter what difficulties they have faced.

63% of them going to bed hungry and 53% are chronic malnutrition sufferers, 27 million are severely underweight and 33 million are not in school.

UNICEF Homeless Children

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