About us

Our United Planet cares about communities.

We all have the chance to be part of something that can make a difference in this world.

We are all human and have our own feelings, needs, desires and challenges. It’s natural to want the best for ourselves and work hard to achieve it but it’s just as natural to reach out and want to help those in need, whether it’s giving up your seat for an elderly person on the train or holding the door open for a parent with a child.

In this fast paced world where so much is focused on our individual selves we can lose touch with the magic of being part of something that gives hope to someone in need.

Helping people today to provide a better future for tomorrow.

Whether it’s being part of an online community, creating a group at school or getting your friends and family together to support social issues we can all contribute and be part of a new United movement that brings people together to be positive, self-aware and effective.

We have a chance to recognize that this is our one and only planet and we are a global society that has a social awareness and a shared conscience.

Find your passion! Explore different projects and get involved by donating to make a difference! Working together we can make this Our United Planet.